The Clock Shop

The concept of The Clock Shop originated from the very first Finders Keepers that took place in the Sunday Times newspaper in the year 1990. The first million rand was hidden behind a clock in the pub of the Dullstroom Inn. In 2007 The Clock Shop was started with 30 fun clocks covering the back wall and today we can boast that we have the largest selection of clocks in one shop in the southern hemisphere (+5000 Different Designs).

The potentials regarding time are limitless, and so, we as a company started growing, we now manufacture and import our own range of clocks, supplying South African's with grandfather, wall, mantle and cuckoo clocks. The Clock shop is situated in Dullstroom, please just take note that the Clock Shop is not affiliated with any other clock shop except for the shop in Dullstroom, we are well placed to supply your needs, from clocks to clock repairs, restoration and all forms of Time.

The cases of our wooden clocks are made of fine solid wood imported from Canada, such as Linden, Chinese Catalpa and Oak, with very good finishing of walnut, natural wood, cherry and many other colors.

Clock Movements:

The 8 day chain-driven 4/4 Westminster chime movement with automatic night shut-off and moon phases is produced in Germany and assembled in China under license. We also sell the 31 day, 1/2 hour strike movement, the quartz movement and the special quartz movements for the cuckoo clocks.

A brief introduction to the factory in Dullstroom:

The factory in Dullstroom was established in June of 2012, since its first prints, it has grown in sizes and capability, we are now able to take your photos and custom make clocks with your loved ones on the face of the clock, we can print your holiday photos on canvas and block frame them for you, even put a small faced clock on the canvas print, to get a quote please sent your photos to

HAVE WE GOT TIME FOR YOU. Not only are we importing directly and retailing, there is a unique opportunity for retailers throughout South Africa to sell our products in your outlets. Bulk buying discounts are available when purchasing fifty items or more. For further information regarding this offer, please contact us.